Teach Your Children Or Students The Alphabet Using iCan ABC For iPhone And iPad

Oslo, Norway – Monkeybin Studios announces the release of an educational app {known as|called} iCan ABC. The app is {created|designed} for {children|kids} of preschool level and {permits|allows} them to {discover|learn} the alphabet {a lot|much} {simpler|easier}. It supports {numerous|multiple} languages with their own alphabets %u2013 US English, British English, Spanish, Norwegian, Swedish and Danish – so {children|kids} {do not|don’t} have to be from a {particular|specific} country to take {benefit|advantage} of iCan ABC.

iCan ABC was {created|designed} for preschool-level {children|kids} from the get go with the {assist|help} of teachers. The menus are straightforward and {created|designed} with simplicity in mind. The focus is on {studying|learning} {via|through} interaction, rather than {complex|complicated} set-ups or navigation. {Kids|Children} will {discover|learn} not just the order of the letters in the alphabet, but also how they look and sound. Visual letter hints can be turned off and that the vocals are recorded both as letter sounds and letter names. In school they tend to {discover|learn} the sound of the letter {prior to|before} the name. This app aims to integrate the letters in their muscle memory so they can {begin|start} putting them together with ease.

{Even though|Although} there is {absolutely nothing|nothing} to win or lose and {anybody|anyone} {truly|really} to compete against — other than the {children|kids} competing with themselves — iCan ABC is about {enjoyable|fun}. It can feel like they are playing a game. There are {three|3} modes of play that {consist of|include} uppercase, lowercase, and mixed case. {Every|Each} of these in turn also has {three|3} modes of difficulty.

-{Studying|Learning} {techniques|methods} by pre-school teachers
-{Created|Designed} by parents
-Developed by parents
-Tested on pre-schoolers
-Soothing music
-Graphics {created|designed} for the {correct|right} ages
-{Various|Different} gameplay for all stages of {studying|learning} the alphabet
-{Kids|Children} {secure|safe} game
-{Expert|Professional} vocals for all letters

Device Requirements:
-{Demands|Requires} an iDevice running iOS {three|3}.1 or above
-53.2M of {totally free|free} space

Pricing and Availability:
iCan ABC is {obtainable|available} on the App Store in two versions. The iPhone and iPod Touch version ABC can be {bought|purchased} for $.99:
The iPad version {known as|called} iCan ABC HD {presently|currently} {expenses|costs} $2.99: consist of five passionate developers working together with {a number of|several} freelancers. They are a dedicated group with a passion in game development for the iDevices. They are also proud to be independent, rather than {component|part} of the mainstream, {simply because|because} of their creative spirit. {Lately|Recently}, Monkeybin Studios has {began|started} {creating|developing} educational apps as {nicely|well}. In the pipeline we have iCan Spell, iCan Count, iCan Maths and iCan Memorize.

Haakon Langaas Lageng
Monkeybin Studios

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