TenkiGiga : available now for iPhone

The weather application with Japanese style paint animation.

*1 iPad paid Weather App in Japan.

-You can know the weather information of the present location while thoroughly enjoying a background of Japanese style paint animation. (Using location information)
-Save and access your favorite global locations. (approximately 2 million cities and town)

Weather Forecast
・You can choose your favorite frame design from the Setting screen.
・You can confirm weather details for weather, high and low temperature, humidity, precipitation, wind direction and velocity, sunrise and sunset times.

Save and Access Locations
・Choose any spot from a world map screen and add it to a list.
・You can check the weather for any world location that you’ve saved.

Image / Animation
・Enjoy various scenes with japanese caricatures in conjunction with weather information.
・Various characters appear and please you by comical movement.
・The background is a light, watercolor painting, but beautifully colored characters appear to enliven the scene.
・Discover hidden scenes by fulfilling various conditions.
・A special event occurs at sunrise, noon, sunset.
・You can choose your favorite frame design from the Setting screen. Enjoy the atmosphere of different screens.
・To display full screen, double tap in Main screen, Double tap again to restore.

BGM / Environmental sound
・Relaxing background astounds can be turned on or off.
・The environmental sounds can be harmonized with characters and scene. ON / OFF
・Turn off the default background music and environmental sounds ti play your favorite music from the iPod.

Picture enroll / Character list
・You can enjoy an endless Picture Scroll, trill picture only.
・The characters who appear in the home screen are collected, creating a magnificent picture scroll.
・Bonus changes occur when all characters are collected.
・See your collection completion rate on the on-screen gauge.
・Read about the various personalities of the characters.

Other uses
Take a screen shot and print it to create a Japanese style post card.

*Japanese / English
*Location information is necessary for the acquisition of the present location. 3G connection or WiFi environment required.
*3G connection or WiFi environment required for the acquisition of weather information.

During work, or after a difficult call, please enjoy TenkiGiga.
Be patient, be easy , be happy.
We hope that you enjoy TenkiGiga.

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Our deepest sympathies to all those affected by the 2011 Thohoku earthquake and tsunami.
We at NST Lab., located in the Aizu region of Fukushima Prefecture, earnestly pray for timely reconstruction, and hope to contribute to the peace and prosperity of people through application development.

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