Tesla Wars: dynamic arcade game for iPhone and iPad

Tesla Wars v2.5.0 – new enemies, new tactics, new impressions

Now Tesla Wars is free for a limited time. It traditionally means that an updated version of game was recently released.

In the new version, the players will meet with 4 new kinds of enemies – on foot, on car, and  in a helicopter.

Mad Mantis is a really dreadful commando who is armed with submachine guns with very high rate of fire.  By the way, he is genetically insusceptible to fear.

Another new enemy – Scorpion – is the first kind of enemy on SUV. The characteristics of his Hummer allows him to shoot only when he stops.

Grasshopper uses a very lightweight propeller helicopter with the pedal motor for flying. It’s armed with powerful missiles that’s why, in order to reduce the weight, it isn’t armored.

In contrast, Steel Hornet is the perfectly armored helicopter. This unmanned helicopter can use both guns and missiles in full automatic mode therefore it’s one of the most dangerous enemies.

“The Player does not know how to fight against new enemies,” says the leading developer Pavel Tarabrin. – “Therefore, it makes gameplay even more exciting and more interesting”

Tesla Wars is a very popular action and tactic game in genre “tower defense”. The gamer’s goal is to defend the last Tesla Tower as long as possible against myriads of enemies. They use chainsaws, tanks, missiles and other weapons and attack from land, air and even underground. In its turn, the player can use powerful Specials, as well as mines, toxic bombs, freeze, electromagnetic storms and even earthquakes.  The player gets rewards for every killed enemy.  Rewards are in the form of  points and game money which can be spent on improving specials, recovering energy, repairing of the perimeter, etc.

This July the amount of Tesla Wars players has exceeded 2,000,000.

Tesla Wars - Pavel Tarabrin

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