Tetravex is a gaming application that is somewhat like Triominos or any other organization-skill game that you can think of. It provides you with a bracket of blocks with four colored sides, and your task is to reorganize them onto the square above.

This game has four difficulty settings: Simple, Easy, Medium and Hard, allowing for just about anyone to play. The game can prove quite challenging at the higher levels, and oftentimes the fastest way to actually win is to get lucky.

High scores can be viewed for local players or from the online database. Users can register to have their scores show up in the rankings.

Pros: Simple concept, constructive learning curve, plenty replay value

Cons: The game gets old. quickly.

Bottom Line: If you plan on playing this game, I’d suggest getting Tetravex Lite first. A quick preview of what you’ll be getting should let you know whether you want to afford the full version. My advice: if you’re a fan of puzzles, give this a try. If not, this won’t dissuade your feelings.

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