Thai Language Hostess – Video based English to Thai phrasebook for iPhone

Let the {beautiful|stunning|gorgeous} {women|ladies|females} of Thai Language Hostess accompany you on your travels and {assist|help} you with speaking and {learning|studying|understanding} Thai whenever you desire. With high {quality|high quality|top quality} video and audio for over 500 Thai phrases and words, {quick|fast|speedy} search for {easily|effortlessly|simply} {finding|discovering|locating} any word, and of course our lovely Thai Hostesses {looking|searching|seeking} into your eyes and speaking {each|every|each and every} word, it is {simply|merely|just} the most {useful|helpful|valuable} and {best|greatest|finest} {looking|searching|seeking} language app {available|obtainable|accessible}!

Do you ever wish when travelling you could have a companion at your side at all times that you could ask “How do you say in Thai..?” Or {someone|somebody|a person} that could speak the {local|nearby|neighborhood} language for you? Your Language Hostess {provides|offers|gives} you with the {exact|precise} phrases and words as you {should|ought to|need to} pronounce them. In your spare time, let the Hostess teach you phrases and words you can then use on your own. If {it’s|it’s|it is} a taxi driver, waitress or a {special|unique} {someone|somebody|a person} you {need|require|want} to speak to, {simply|merely|just} let the Hostess do the talking for you.

- Over 500 Thai words and phrases {each|every|each and every} with Thai Script, English Translation and Phonetic Pronunciations
- High {quality|high quality|top quality} video and audio for {every|each and every|each} word and phrase
- {Quick|Fast|Speedy} search of all words and phrases so you {don’t|don’t|do not} have to {spend|invest} time {looking|searching|seeking} for what you {need|require|want}
- Audio is {perfect|ideal|best} for headphones or over your iPhone speakers
- {Multiple|Numerous|Several} hostesses for your viewing and listening pleasure
- A {variety|selection} of categories for {every|each and every|each} {situation|scenario}
- Costume {changes|modifications|adjustments}!
- Extras like “A message from your hostess” and “Look into my eyes”.

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