The ABC’s of Punctuation

Even though I have a degree in Journalism, it’s been more years than I care to reveal since I was in any basic English class. I have made a living writing and consider myself pretty knowledgeable about punctuation, so the ABC’s in Punctuation seemed right up my alley. I’ve even gotten into a verbal bar fight once over grammar. Yeah, that’s right, I’m that kind of girl.

I couldn’t wait to take the quiz over punctuation to see just how sharp my skills are. Well, I must say, they are not as sharp as I thought. Noah Lukeman has done a great job on this one! It covers periods, commas, semicolon, dashes and parentheses, the hyphen and the colon. There is a lot of information covered in this app.

The quiz covers the basics and also throws in some great literary questions about famous authors. Did you know the Pulitzer Prize winning novel, The True History of Kelly Gang, is famous because there is not one single comma in the entire book? Me neither. The historical and literary quiz questions keep the test from being too technical and boring.

I even thought that Noah Lukeman might have been wrong on one of the grammar rules. I have always thought that there are some instances where a period should be OUTSIDE of the quotation marks as in the following example.

He thinks he’s really “hot”.

Being a good journalist I checked out some other sources and it turns out that I could be wrong in this instance. Ok, I AM wrong in this instance. The punctuation mark always goes inside the quotation marks.

Since the invention of spell check, it’s so easy to correct spelling errors, but there is no punctuation check and this app would be an invaluable tool to help anyone brush up on their punctuation skills. It would certainly be a great reference guide for anyone in college or in the communication business. It could also come in handy for those volatile grammar discussions you might get into over your next beer.

Take the quiz! It's more fun than you think.

Take the quiz! It's more fun than you think.

yep, this is the one that I got all wrong.

yep, this is the one that I got all wrong.punctuation, trivia, who could ask for more?

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