The Beermometer

Do you enjoy a cold beer? Ever find yourself throwing your beer in the freezer or out in a snow bank only to forget about it? If you dislike warm beer (craft beers aside, fellas!) as much as the next guy, then the Beermometer is for you.

Using a bunch of fancy math and delivering it in a high-quality package allows you to take advantage of current technology. All the app needs to work its magic is to know the current temperature of your beer (in normal terms – warm, room temperature, a little cool, etc), where you’re going to put it (fridge, freezer, bucket of salt and ice, etc), how you want your beer to be (pretty cold is the most popular choice!), and how we can get ahold of you and leave the rest up to us.

The Beermometer uses location based technology to determine the temperature at your current location for those colder months, and can get ahold of you by email, push notification, twitter, and even text message! The text messaging service currently supports 99% of carriers in North America, and we’re currently working on expanding that to other countries!

This beautifully designed application is available June 16 on the iTunes App store for $0.99.

More information can be found on the Beermometer website.

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