The best free Bible App for the iPhone

The best free Bible app for iPhoneDo you love your iPhone as much as I do?  If so you are always looking for new ways to use it, like in church maybe?  Well if that’s you I have an app for you that will let you use your iPhone IN CHURCH and ease your conscience a little about doing so. ;)

The App I am referring to is the Paul Avery Bible for iPhone.  This is one of the better free Apps I have found for the iPhone.  It is very easy to use, has tons of features, and to those who accept it’s words will bring peace to your soul.

A few of the features found in this app are:

  • Passage highlighting (highlight key or favorite passages)
  • Notes (Notes are tied to a passage so it is great for sermon note taking)
  • Passage search by keywords
  • multiple bible translations (currently 20 different versions)
  • horizontal and vertical views
  • bookmarks (bookmark your favorite passages)
  • history (allows you to quickly return to a previous passage)

Whatever your need is for a Bible App on the iPhone this app is sure to meet the most demanding needs.  If you want to take notes during the sermon, read or re-read the Bible, set up a personal study of the scriptures, or have a Bible on hand for a time of need,  this App has you covered.

I highly recommend this app for it’s function and it’s message.  In this world of uncertain times it is nice to have a place of refuge.  Download this app and study it’s words, you may be surprised by what God has in store for you.


Download the Free Bible App

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