The best game for the iPhone, Fieldrunners

Fieldrunners for the iPhone
Fieldrunners for the iPhone

There are a lot of games available for the iPhone.  I have tried my share of them, Crash Kart, Real Soccer 09, Texas Hold-Em, Enigmo, X-Plane, etc.  But there is only one game for the iPhone that has kept me coming back to play again and again; that game is Fieldrunners.


Fieldrunners is an addictive game that is simple to play but offers action, strategy, and a whole lot of fun.  If you have ever played Command and Conquer on the PC then you will feel at home with Fieldrunners.  The object of the game is simple, keep the enemy troops from moving across the screen.  You have at your disposal several weapons to help you at your task that each cost a varying amount of your cash.  You earn more cash by killing the troops that attempt to pass through the battle zone.  The enemy troops come in waves, with different troops having different strengths and weaknesses.  It is your task to develop a defensive strategy that can withstand the different troops that attack.  Once 20 troops have crossed the battle field your game is over.


Fieldrunners records your high scores and the number of levels you have progressed through.  The game ends after you have survived 100 waves of attack, but there are 3 different levels to try to win at.  The game is simple but it is this type of casual game that works very well on the iPhone.  Games can be saved and restarted any time you have a few spare moments.


If you are looking for a great game for the iPhone, head over to the App Store and search for Fieldrunners, it’s one of the best games going on the iPhone.

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