The Best Headphones for iPad, iPod and iPhone

I have used the Grado Headphones for a couple of years now and have never taken the time to write up a review for them.  They are my go to headphones when I’m sitting in front of my computer and want to listen to some tunes.  Grados offer two of the things most people want in a set of headphones, quality and price.

Grados can be purchased for under $100 on Amazon and they compete note for note with headphones that cost hundreds of dollars more.  They have an old school look to them that I kind of like, they are light weight, and offer outstanding sound quality.  I use mine for music and Ambient Noise applications on my iPad and have never been disappointed with the sound quality.  I also have a pair of Bose headphones and the Grados have a richer sound for less money.

Amazon owner and reviewer, D. Dooley IL; The very first time I put the Grado’s on I could not believe the sound difference over my old Sony’s. It was like listening to the artists in the studio or on a small stage, instead of them in the room next door. There is no muffled or tinny sound. Everything becomes crystal clear. You can pick out individual instruments, hear individual voices in crowds, even the artist breathing. Lyrics become much easier to understand, and my appreciation and enjoyment of music has increased because of the Grado’s.

Click here to read more or buy Grado SR80i headphones. Don’t take my word for it go to Amazon and read some of the reviews, you will see people who are enjoying their iPhone, iPads, and iPods more because of the quality sound from these headphones.

***Highly recommended***

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