The best iPhone games

The Boston Herald listed their top iPhone games as follows:

1) Texas Hold ’Em- Apple Inc- ($4.99) – Great graphics with near live-looking cutaways. Easy to play, if you know poker. The WiFi gaming is a breeze and sets this game apart from the others. Don’t miss the Apple memorabilia tucked into the background. Great price.

2) Moto Racer – Freeverse – ($9.99) — A compelling racer that delivers speed and the added attraction of an occasional fisticuffs. Even on the easy level, this game is challenging.

3) Enigmo – Pangea Software – ($9.99) – Playing on the water theme, this game captivated my children for several hours as they tried to catch drips, followed by lasers and plasma, to their final destinations by using whatever movable gadgets and gizmos happened to be on the screen. This game won an Apple Design Award as the best iPhone game.

4) Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D -Vivendi Mobile Games – ($9.99) – Fun, quirky, very addictive. Using weapons against your opponents is what driving should be all about. What, someone cut me off on Massachusetts Ave? Where’s that ’switch places’ button.

5) Scrabble – Electronic Arts – ($9.99) – I’ll admit this ranking may be swayed by the fact that I’m a Scrabble fan. This version makes me a better player with scores coming in the 300s, even without using the ’Best Word’ cheat. Somehow other reviewers missed the fact that when you shake your device, the tiles rearrange themselves on your easel.

6) Monkey Ball - Sega –($9.99) – Given the buildup this game received, the little monkey rolling inside a pet hamster-type plastic ball delivers challenging fun. I say this even though I have yet to get past level 7

7) MotionX Poker – Fullpower Technologies Inc – ($4.99) – Not as sophisticated as Texas Hold ‘Em and certain to give non-poker players a skewed view on the likelihood of getting three straight flushes in a row, this game nonetheless is a great play. Also check out the free MotionX dice – great for when you lose the real dice that go with your board games..

8) Aurora Feint – Danielle Casley and Jason Citron – It’s free, but also it is not finished. This mixture of a puzzler, see number 9, and the best elements of role-playing games. Mining in the puzzle zones will earn you gems to buy all sorts of goodies. Can’t wait to see the finished version (and it’s price.)

9) Solar Quest –Neon Surge – ($2.99) – This scrolling arcade-style futuristic piloting game moves up a few notches because of its great price. Static background graphics are superb.

10) Aqua Forest- Hudson Entertainment –($7.99) -What is this game? Please, someone let me in on why sloshing water, creating areas of containment, cutting cords, and doing dozens of others tricks is so much fun. Is there a point to it? Does there have to be one? Is there anything else like this? Is it bad writing to throw in four consecutive questions?

This article was posted on Herald back in August, however there have been several noteable new games for the iPhone that have come on the scene since then.

Fieldrunners for the iPhone

Fieldrunners for the iPhone

My favorite tie waister is Fieldrunners:

Fieldrunners for the iPhone is similar to Command and Conquer on the desktop.  See my full review here.

Another game that has made it’s way to my iPhone is the free game, Trace.  Trace is a puzzle game in which you try to move a stick figure through the puzzle by drawing lines on the screen for him to walk on.  Some of the levels are a bit challenging and you race against the clock to finish the given level as quickly as possible.  The only down side to this game is that it is difficult to accuratly place the lines at your intended location on the touch screen of the iPhone.  This can either add to your time or cause some collateral damage to your stick man inventory as you attempt to navigate with a misplaced line.

As I find more games that have found at least a temporary home on my iPhone I will let you know.

How about you, what wastes your time on the iPhone???

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