The best iPhone Real Estate Apps

There are a lot of apps out there that can help people sell their house and to help people buy a house.  If you are looking to sell your house the first thing you need to do is find out what your house is worth.

Research homes in your perspective neighborhood:

Zip Realty: offers a free app that is GPS enabled to help you locate home prices for your neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods.

Zillow: one of the most comprehensive real estate apps for iPhone. It uses your iPhone’s GPS to find out more information about the houses around you. Great way to find homes to buy or rent.

Trulia Search: Trulia is one of the best web sites to research current home trends, now it is a great app too that offers a ton of real estate information at your finger tips.

Calculators to help you figure out the money:

BA II Plus Financial Calculator: this is a fairly complex financial calculator.  It may be overkill unless you are in the real estate business.   Or, if you are a buyer and want all the numbers right at your finger tips it may be the perfect tool.

RECalc – Real Estate Mortgage Loan Calculator: a great tool for real estate pros or ordinary folks to calculate monthly payments and all other financial information.

Home Buying Power: the goal of this app is to help you find out what you can afford to spend for a new home.  Are you looking at homes that are out of your budget?  Can you afford a little bigger house?  This app will help.

A real estate dictionary:

Dictionary of Real Estate Terms: this a cool little app that has a dictionary of real estate terms.  If you are a first time buyer the info here could be invaluable.

Good luck with your home search.  Home buying can be a stressful and exciting time.  Hopefully these apps can make your buying experience more informative and help you get the house of your dreams.

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