The Big Yellow Space Kit for iPhone

As part of Big Yellow Self Storage’s ongoing commitment to help the nation make the most of their space – they have launched an iPhone application packed with tools to help people at home, at work, or even at one of their stores.

The Big Yellow Space Kit is full of easy-to-use tools with everything from a Floor Planner that lets users try out different room designs on the go to see if things fit, to a Box Archiver that allows users to list their items so they know exactly where they are perfect for those moving home or using self storage.

The Big Yellow Space Kit is available to download for FREE from the App Store now here.

The Big Yellow Space Kit offers:

Box Archiver

  • Photograph and list your items so you know exactly where they are.
  • An easy way to identify the contents of every box – whether you’re storing items at home, in a Big Yellow storage room, or even moving house.

Floor Planner

  • Helps you layout and plan a room to see if things fit.
  • Great for moving house, re-designing a room or even seeing if the furniture in the shop will fit in your home.

Paint Calculator

  • Helps you plan how much paint you’ll need to redecorate.
  • Helps you save time and money – and could mean one less trip to the shops.

Unit Converter

• Inches, centimetres, yards or feet – instantly convert any measurement into any other way you prefer to work in.

Store Locator

• A quick and easy way to find your nearest Big Yellow store, opening times and contact details.

The brand new Big Yellow Space Kit app is available to download for FREE from

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