The Code Runner: A Lifesaving ACLS App for Medical Providers

Get free promo codes at iPhoneAppReview.comCode Runner is a real-time, interactive medical App that allows you to easily run codes according to the current Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) algorithms. Someone dying? There’s an App for that!

Medical codes are one of the most stressful situations that physicians, residents, medical students, and nurses find themselves in. Most ACLS Apps are simply digital versions of the pocket cards. Code Runner is designed to guide you through the management of cardiac arrhythmias by providing you with a continuous list of timed prompts.

Designed with all the necessary logic to limit and adjust medication doses, Code Runner records each defibrillation, medication, and cardiac rhythm change during an arrest. Code Runner also includes detailed differential information for all of the H’s and T’s with treatment recommendations, all readily accessible during a code. Let Code Runner keep track of everything that you’ve done for your patient while allowing you to think critically about why your patient is coding in the first place.

When the code is ended, Code Runner generates a detailed code report that includes the total code time, all interventions and their time stamp (actual and elapsed time), as well as the ultimate patient outcome.  These code reports, with customizable names, are organized by date and time. This allows you to use these reports for documentation purposes, as well as to review previous codes for continued education.

You can visit our website at or join our Facebook group for product updates, promotions, and new release information.

Version 2.0 was recently released in the App Store with many new improvements! You can go directly to Code Runner at and Code Runner Lite at

This program is ideal for all members of the health care team. Whether you are ACLS certified or not, Code Runner is perfect for you.

Try Code Runner once and you’ll wonder how you ever ran a code without it.

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