The easiest way to make a song – chord based composing app. “ezComposer”

The most interesting thing is that this app includes various chords and user can easily make chord progression because this app support drag-and-drop based user interface. Especially, this app recommends next appropriate chord for beginners!

In addition, this app plays various instruments with chords because this supports various playing styles per various instruments such as piano, guitar, drum, .. So, chord progression sketch is very easy.

That is, this app automatically sequences midi notes according to the user’s arrangement. For song writers, because midi sequencing for common instrument’s style is a kind of chore, it will be very useful app.

For midi beginners and who doesn’t have knowledgement, they can learn how to sequence midi notes.

Moreover, this app supports chord recommendation for who doesn’t have ideas about chord progression. So, if users apply the recommendation, then they can make chord progression very easily. Melody and string lines can be recorded by keyboard, user can express various musics.
For drum, this app includes drumpad and this can control velocity.

You can also export to midi file, users can load it from user’s favorite DAW such as Cubase, Sonar. etc.

Youtube demo :

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