The Freaker: Scare your friends

Lebanon, NJ – Friday, September 30, 2011: PDGNJ, LLC, a startup iOS developer, today announced the release of their debut iPhone App named The Freaker. The Freaker is the very first iPhone app to take advantage of the forward facing camera, and use it in a prank application. This app is great for many age groups ranging from pre-teen to young adult. The app allows the user to show their friends a seemingly harmless picture from their iPhone, only to be replaced by a freakishly scary face and a high pitch shriek after a predetermined time. In addition to scaring your friends, the app also uses the forward facing camera to take a reaction shot of your victim that they will be begging you to delete. This app is a perfect for the upcoming Halloween season, be the first to scare your friends!

In the sea of iPhone apps, never has there been an app that so devilishly takes advantage of the forward facing camera. In order to use the app, the user simply follows the on screen prompts which can be set in a matter of seconds. Simply, take a picture with your camera, or select a photo from the device’s camera roll. Next set the countdown to the desired time frame and hit “Go”. After the predetermined time frame, your picture will be replaced by The Freaker image, and a high pitched scream meant to give the victim a jolt!

Alternatively, by default the scare image can also be triggered by using any of the iPhone’s zoom functions. If you have a picture that was taken at a distance, instructing your victim to zoom in on the image will trigger the scare prank regardless of what the countdown was set to. Pranksters are encouraged to try various setups and see what works best for them, all while collecting a trophy case of scare images along the way. Be one of the first pranksters to scare your friends and see what The Freaker is all about. Simply go to the iTunes app store and type in “The Freaker”.

PDGNJ, LLC. is a startup iOS development company that focuses on fun and innovative apps. Based out of northern New Jersey, PDGNJ is poised to make noise in the world of smart phone apps with their debut app “The Freaker”, and many more releases on the horizon. Keep PDGNJ on your radar for updates and more exciting smartphone apps.


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The Freaker - PDGNJ, LLC

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