The Grapevine Lite – The Grapevine – Concert Tickets, Jobs, Housing and Stuff for Sale!

Candid Innovations is proud to present THE GRAPEVINE Lite Edition!

***With The Grapevine Lite you can enjoy the full functionality of The Grapevine for three full days! What are you waiting for? Free stuff rocks!***

The Grapevine Lite is a revolutionary way to buy and sell different things such as gig tickets based on your current location:

Need a concert ticket for tonight but not willing to pay ridiculous tout prices? No problem, fire up The Grapevine Lite, set your search radius, and find all the sellers in your area, maybe even on your street. Real fans with real tickets.

Need a couch but don’t fancy trekking across the country to pick it up? Fire up The Grapevine Lite and find a seller in your street.

Want to cut your commuting time in half? Fire up The Grapevine Lite and find out about jobs on your doorstep you didn’t even realise existed. And no more need for recruiting agencies. Contact the companies who are hiring direct.

Need a new flat, but want to get a better deal on rent in your area? Fire up The Grapevine Lite and check out all the flats and houses in your vicinity. Fast, efficient, fun!

You can add, edit and delete your own ads too…

Can’t go to a concert anymore and need to sell your tickets fast…add them to The Grapevine Lite where they will be instantly searchable by scores of music fans… all in your area!

Selling your old Windows PC (no one can blame you!) to get a shiny new Mac? No problem, add it to The Grapevine Lite and watch it be snapped up in no time at all!

Need to hire a new employee? Add your vacancy to The Grapevine Lite and bypass the recruitment agencies (and save yourself a chunk of change!)

Looking for a tenant but don’t fancy paying middle man fees? Add your vacancy to The Grapevine Lite to instantly reach scores of flat/house hunters in your area!

All searches are based on current location and you can view the search results on a map to choose the ones closest to you.

Email or phone the seller direct from your phone. No clunky websites, all the information you need at your fingertips to make that impulse buy!

Once you have purchased The Grapevine, you will be able to add and search as much as you want, and will never have to pay extra fees to get your ad back to the top of the list (unlike some websites out there) – just update it instead.

Simple, quick efficient, the future of classifieds is here! All for less than the price of a pint of lager. If you can find cheaper beer anywhere, please send us a mail to and we’ll see you there!

The Grapevine Lite app is available in the UK and US appstores

You can download it from here!

Brought to you by Candid Innovations

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