The HIVE – Action/puzzle cyberpunk game!

Get free promo codes at iPhoneAppReview.comHIVE is Neural Activity‘s first iPhone commercial game.

It stands for Holographic Integrated Virtual Environment.

The game will bring you into a cyberpunk future, in a world that is not what it looks like. The Internet evolved (or devolved?) into something that connects everything and everyone. This something is called HIVE.

Who controls the HIVE, controls the information. Who controls the information controls everything (ok I took this one from Dune, I admit).

You’re a hacker, a noob actually. Trying to make some money stealing credit cards, hacking bank accounts, breaking into government computers. You know, the usual stuff. You don’t really care, you just think about the money. Until you discover something…

Gameplay is divided in two phases: one where you try to capture data packets coming from the firewall you’re trying to break into; the second one where you have to decrypt data to find its password. All without being detected.

  • 20 challenging missions
  • a cyberpunk world
  • an evil government that wants to get rid of you
  • addictive story that will make you wish we would make a book out of it
  • you got to be a hacker
  • you got to save the world

What are you waiting for?

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