The Idiot Test 3

Finally, a test I can pass! Well yeah, after about 20 tries. You might recall an app called “The Moron Test” that was perched atop the App Store’s Paid Apps list not too long ago, and THIS app has nothing to do with that one. Apparently there was some copyright infringing going on because the original “Idiot Test” was a flash game created by Ryan Curtis a few years ago and the Moron Test people were kind of stealing his concept… anyway, The Idiot Test 3 by Nexx Studio is legit and was created with Ryan’s involvement, just in case you’re wondering what went on there. Yay for being legit! Yayyyyy.

So wtf’s the big deal with testing whether or not you’re an idiot? Well, when you consider how many idiots there are in the world (myself included) it’s a pretty ingenius idea. The questions start off dead-simple and lull you into a state of smug confidence, and before you know it you’re hearing a very Nelson Muntz-like HA-HA as you get a question wrong and fail the test.

To be fair, some of the questions in this “test” definitely fall under the category of trick questions and are designed to make you fail. The thing to remember is that you’re not buying this app to test yourself; you’re buying it to test people you feel like laughing at! Got a mother-in-law with a massive ego? Wanna make your office’s resident know-it-all look like a jackass? Good, ‘cuz that’s really who this app seems to be aimed at.

If you give this Idiot Test enough run-throughs yourself you’ll eventually master it to the point where thinking is a waste of precious time as the final result is measured in how long you took to correctly answer all of the questions. Again, this seems to be by design, and the app lets you practice by providing passwords that will take you directly to certain points in the test that may have you feeling like a true dumbass.

Although it doesn’t play well with the iPod, The Idiot Test 3 is a good quality app that’s nicely designed and assembled. Mastering the test for yourself is pretty fun but, unless you’re an actual idiot, it won’t take long. As long as you remember that the real goal is to prove to others that they’re way dumber than they look, this app could have some longevity and ultimately be worth far more than the $.99 you’ll pay for it.

P.S. Here’s a little tidbit from Nexx Studios on the battle with Moron Test just for fun and posterity:

Most may think that this is just an attempt to copy the success of The Moron Test that already existed with the same concept, gameplay and was even called The Idiot Test when it was launched. As a matter of fact what brought them to this level of success was copying the first version of The Idiot Test before later updating their gameplay and renaming their product after numerous legal threat from our side but they have already gotten themselves to the top of the App Store chart.

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