The Larkers : Bolt

Run through stinky goblin dungeons to save your cube kingdom!

 The Larkers : Bolt

Your king has ordered you to retrieve the Quartz from the goblins who stole them.
Your kingdom is under attack by the hordes of orcs and the need for the Quartz to strengthen the magic seal which will ward off enemies has risen.

☞ Green Larker’s mission

With his defense ability with the woofer, Green Larker has been chosen for this mission.
Use the woofer to keep you out of harm’s way while exploring in the goblin dungeons.

☞ Brace your self

Wise cube once said that goblins are most ignorant but their defence strategies are not to be looked down upon.

☞ Everything is better with a nice physics simulation

I know! XD

☞ Halls of fame

Set your record respectively in total of 11 dungeons and in 2 extra games for fun!

☞ 3 types of background musics

Orchestral, Rock, Electronica!

☞ Found bugs? contact the developer immediately while in game

In-game mailer is at your service for any inquiries.

May the woofer help you on your way

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