The Life Of Jesus

A revolutionary new iPhone application merging the life of Jesus and the New Testament with the 21st century technology of the iPhone.

Included in the application:

1. The full text of the New Testament, bookmarkable and searchable by keyword or verse. Simulated parchment paper with page-flip animation!

2. An original 18 scene “The Life Of Jesus” movie depicting the life of our savior

3. A GPS enabled Christian chat room where the faithful can see true believers as lights on a world map and exchange inspirational phrases with each other

4. A “Prayer Answer Generator” game where the user can ask a prayer, touch the screen, and receive guidance from one of hundreds of bible quotes.

5. An inspirational e mail system where the user can send life-changing bibles quotes and images along with a personalized message to any e mail address

6. An iTunes link to the original “The Life Of Jesus” score, composed by Giora Kukui and Geoff Tyson

7. An iTunes link to some of our hottest Christian rock artists

8. An easy and tangible way to digitally spread the Word of our Lord in the mobile phone domain, all while living in the spirit of the word of Christ…

Please visit to download the application for your iPhone or iPod Touch

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