The most useful app of 2010?

What could be more useful than a FREE iPhone app that saves you from Nomophobia (no-mobile-phone phobia)? If you’ve ever found yourself stuck around town with a low mobile battery, you’ll be no stranger to that panicky feeling.

ChargeBox® has the answer: a FREE iPhone app that enables you to find your nearest ChargeBox®, where you can get a quick blast of juice. It’s the fourth emergency service, helping you stay connected. The free ‘Low Battery’ app also includes a handy set of reminders to help you make the most of your battery life. ChargeBox® is a slimline tower with six lockers, each containing different chargers. You simply find the right locker for your phone, iPod or games console; plug it in, pay a small fee, lock the door and take the key away; then go grab a coffee or finish your shopping and come back later.ChargeBox® can be found in many Vodafone stores (including all stores in London Underground Zone 1), hotels like Premier Inn, Hilton and Holiday Inn, as well as hostels, airports, hospitals, casinos and cinemas.

If you don’t have an iPhone, simply text the word charge plus your town, postcode or nearest London tube station to 60066 to receive the location of your three nearest ChargeBoxes.

iPhone users can search for ‘Low battery’ in the UK app store or go to: Please check out the video to see how the app works: and to see screenshots:

Please note this is a UK only app!

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