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Do you depend on your voice? Do you work a job in which a lot is communicated through speech? This is the case in many professions. People who have to talk a lot – such as call-center agents, sales executives, trainers, teachers, speakers or consultants – are well aware of the voice’s importance in daily use.

Not before first voice strain symptoms like hoarseness appear, suddenly the job can no longer be carried out problem-free.

It’s all about the first impression. Since if the voice breaks off in a crucial moment or gets squeaky in a sales conference or during a job interview, you’ve shown a weakness in front of the communication partner. As for the continued conversation, you are therefore likely to be in an awkward position when it comes to asserting your interests.

This application is supposed to mediate basic tools to relax and exercise your voice prior to important conversations. It will give you advice about how to avoid typical voice problems in the long run, and how to minimize voice strain by means of a voice hygiene – so your voice is at your disposal stress-free at all times – at least for the duration of your working life.

The author: Uta Feuerstein
Uta Feuerstein holds an MBA (German: Dipl.) in Voice Training and Therapy, she is a singer, voice trainer and teacher. She is the author of the book „Stimmig sein. Die Selbstregulation der Stimme in Gesang und Stimmtherapie“, Junfermann, 2000 („Being Harmonious – Voice self-regulation in singing and voice therapy“) as well as of various professional articles. Moreover, she was a guest in several radio programs (e.g. WDR, Cologne).

With psychologist Uta Himmelmann, she has conceptualized her own voice training method: The „ Stimmig sein – Method®“ („Being Harmonious Method“), a functional psychointegral self regulation for song and the speaking voice.

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