The Screetch: game for iPhone

Piston Games, game developing and publishing company, proudly represent the Screetch game for the iPhone and iPod touch. The Screetch provides an addictive and outstanding gameplay with collecting Screetches that capturing cloudy spheres. Your goal is release them and catch all Screetches into flask.

Screetch features drop-dead graphics, gorgeous effects and animation. Players can challenge each other for being the best in one of 12 divisions or pretend on place in major league. Using Facebook account you can keep in touch with your friends and compare your score with friends achievements.

Each level will represent new landscapes and characters – more than dozen of Screetches can be captured and stored in Trophies section.
Piston Games care about players, so even color blindness isn’t obstacle for entertainment. And in spite of newfangled rules, game simple for understanding – you just clear spheres and capture the Screetch.

The Screetch takes advantage of the new iOS 4 features – multitasking for compatible iOS 4 devices allow players switch between Screetch game and other usable apps.

To learn more about the Screetch, please visit official site.
Also you can follow Screetch on twitter, and find Screetch on Facebook.

The Screetch is available from the App Store on iPhone or iPod touch at.

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