The Terminator: Death Valley

I just got done writing about an app called Ballerina, so now I need to overcompensate with something far more manly: Dark Horse Comics’ Terminator comic book!

The Terminator: Death Valley was just released in the App Store yesterday and if waiting for Terminator: Salvation to hit movie theaters is killing you, this is your chance to get a little robot fix to tide you over for the next couple of weeks. As an iPhone app it does just about everything right… you can jump to any of the 87 pages in this first installment, you can change the page transitions as you swipe from screen to screen, and you can auto-play the story if you’re not in the mood to swipe. The one thing you can’t do is zoom in on the artwork… not a big deal for me, but I was kind of thinking that would be built in. Hmm.

As far as the story is concerned… I don’t want to give too much away… the plot has not one, but two, big angry Terminators running around Death Valley, California in search of John Connor so they can give him a new dirt bike and take him out for ice cream. Or maybe they’re just gonna shoot him in the face? Robots can be so unpredictable. Anyway, what I’ve read so far has been great and there’s action aplenty across multiple storylines.

If you’re a fan of Dark Horse Comics or a rabid Terminator junkie, get this app and be prepared to buy three more installments because it’s a four-part series. Each $.99 installment is roughly 80-100 pages of the kind of quality artwork you’d expect from a publisher like Dark Horse, and you don’t even need to seal it in plastic when you’re done!

If you’re a fan, get it. If you’re not a fan but you like the idea of robots killing stuff, get it. If you think there’s already too much violence in the world and just want everyone to get along, get Ballerina.

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