“The Train” Welcome to the world of Knowledge Castle!

The story of the train starts from the invention of steam engine by James Watt, then tells the application of the steam engine to the train by George Stephenson, and in 1825, the steam-powered train traveled on the world’s first railway in England. From that time on, trains, railways and stations were increasingly popped up all over the world. From the 18 century to now, the train has been improved continuously and has travelled at high speeds crossing countless channels and bridges.

In order to make this interesting for children, the application will tell children the history of the train in story format. More importantly, a lot of creative games are available after each story, the purpose being to let children get involved in the game and experience the interest of learning. The Knowledge Castle Encyclopedia is one of the best audio books for children.

★ A story, a class, a game!

In 1825, George Stephenson drove a steam-powered locomotive on the world’s first railway. You can start from here to build the world’s first railway.

★ The arrow not only leads you to the next page, but also leads you to more fun!

Under the guidance of the arrow, the beautiful interactive pictures come one after another. This audio book will let the kids experience that learning is so fun!

★ Move with the movement of pictures!

Open the furnace and add coal to make the fire burn! Pull the handle of the steam whistle and make the train blow its whistle! Hold the handle and experience the fun of conducting a train! All you need to do is just slide finger across the screen!

“The Train” App Operation demo:


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