Things to do…. Before I’m 20, 30, 40..

Things to do

Everything you ever wanted, everything you ever dreamed of having or doing, all thats your hearts desire… And then some. All these things planned across the miracle of time, and on the FREE iPhone app called ‘Things to do’, which is developed by

Record all your lifetime ambitions and hopes on Things To do. Pick from a list of over 150 pre-loaded items chosen between adults and teenagers. These listed items range from climbing the Eiffel Tower to a meeting with the Pope or playing Spin the Bottle.

The great thing about this app is the ability to add your own ambitions, wishes, and hopes, and plan them into your future. If things change, and you want to delete the entries, thats fine too. In fact you can even delete the predefined entries that you no longer want.

This Entertainment app with real purpose has an easy to use Graphic User Interface and currently consists of three main screens. The introductory page, the listings of things to do, and an input screen for entering the data you want to list. There are three pieces of information to be entered, title, age you wish to complete by, and an optional description.

Things To Do, also has the all new interactive iAds, which can be entertaining and allows you to participate in the adverts, but without leaving the Things to do app.

There will be upgrades for Things To Do, which will make the app more advanced, and will involve a low price In App Purchase.

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