Tiger Messenger::: anti-spy messaging tool in disguise as a caculator

If your parents, girlfriend or boyfriend, wife or husband, like to check your phone messages, while you don’t like them to do so…

If your friends borrow your iPhone to play games, in case your friends find out your secret messages by accident…
If you are afraid that someone from the Internet steals your personal information…

You must try Tiger Messenger!!!

What is Tiger Messenger?
Tiger Messenger is a powerful anti-spy messaging app, which provides a highly secure environment for you to send and store messages. With this app, you don’t have to be afraid of peepers anymore.

Features of Tiger Messenger:

★ Disguise as a normal calculator
When you start Tiger Messenger, it just looks the same as a normal iPhone calculator. However, after you key in your password on this calculator interface, Tiger Messenger turns into a messaging tool.

★ Message Encryption
Using the latest encryption technology from KeyStone Tech, Tiger Messenger encrypts your private messages, blocking hackers from viewing your personal information.

★ Message Self-destruction
The messages you sent will delete themselves if your receiver doesn’t read them before the appointed time.

★ Message Invisibilization
With a click, you can make Tiger Messenger hide messages from specific friends instantly. Peepers have no way to read those hidden messages even if he or she has your phone in his or her hands.
Only you (the person who knows the password and the access to start Tiger Messenger) can make those hidden messages visible again.

★ Fake password for special situation
In case someone forces you to give him/her the password, you can set up a “decoy code” in advance. Using “decoy code,” one can enter Tiger Messenger’s messaging interface but cannot change any setting. And hidden messages are invisible for decoy code users.

★ Hide Myself
If you enable “Hide Myself” function, people would not know you’re using Tiger Messenger.

★ Free Messages
As long as your phone is connected to the Internet, using Tiger Messenger to send messages is free.

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