Tiger Messenger: Best safe guard of your secrets!

Are you often bothered by those “annoying someone”, who always poke their nose into your secret contacts and messages? If you hate peepers, and want to get rid of hackers or any “annoying someone”, this app is designed just for you—Tiger Messenger.

The entrance interface is designed as a normal calculator of iPhone. It is a brilliant disguise, and no one would ever doubt it. Just type in your password with any combination of numbers and calculation notations to enter (as long as the sum is your password number), and you can start the app.

Within Tiger Messenger, you can switch to secure mode and normal mode easily. Under normal mode, all the protected contacts and messages would not appear. As for contacts, Tiger Messenger would auto-import all the contacts from iPhone. You don’t need to enter contacts one by one.

Also, it provides free chat and file sending function, as well as invisible function. However, the coolest thing is that you can set expire time for the message you sent, if the recipient does not open it before expired, the message would self-destruct. It can make sure that your secrets would not be discovered by someone else, pretty cool, huh? Just try it out!


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