Tilly’s petting farm: Learn Words and Vocabulary

Tilly’s petting farm is very hot in the Netherlands. The iPhone version has been and still is #1 in “What’s hot” for months.

Tilly’s petting farm brings you an effective approach to learning words and vocabulary. It’s based on didactics used in children’s education for building vocabulary.

It encourages kids to learn about what surrounds them and what things are made of. For example, with many apps kids are shown a picture of butter, but do not always learn anything else beside the word. With my App kids also learn that butter is made from milk and milk comes from the cow. It is a great learning app easy to use with bright and colourful drawings. It encourages children to keep on learning and exploring. Everything is clickable and animated and offer 3 or 4 different sentences or words to say it.

About teacher Tilly’s petting farm:
Learn words and phrases by association.
More than 300 English sentences.
The words and phrases are placed in a setting that helps kids remember and understand.
It’s almost like using an interactive picture book where everything in the book can be tapped on and learned from.
Created by schoolteachers.

Available for iPhone & iPad

You can view a video demo at:
or visit our site at:

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