Timezone Clock: all-in-one clock for travellers and business

Timezone Clock is a world clock, time converter, iPod alarm clock, event reminder and desktop clock.

Timezone Clock will {assist|help|aid|support} answer questions like:
Q) What’s {current|present|existing} time {about|around} the world and weather? Or
Q) What time is it {about|around} the world when {it is|it is|it’s} midnight in San Francisco on Jan 1st? Or
Q) Reminder for an event overseas/{yet another|an additional|yet yet another|one more} time zone – wish a friend’s birthday in {various|different|diverse|distinct} timezone at {exact|precise} time that’s convenient for her / {get in touch with|contact} overseas {customer|consumer} at 3pm his time next Monday

Or if you just want a {much better|much much better|far much better|greater} clock to replace default clock app, and alarm clock with iPod music, Timezone Clock is for you :)

Key Capabilities:
- World clock : {consists of|includes} {a lot more|much a lot more|a lot a lot more|far a lot more} than 7000 cities {about|around} the world from {each|every and each|every|each single} timezone. {Attempt|Try} {searching|looking} in non-english too..
- World time converter : {choose|select|pick} time for a city, and app will show time for other cities. Schedule an event for a city from this window as {well|nicely|properly}.
- {Folks|Individuals|People|Men and women} clock : {comparable|similar} to world clock, but instead of cities, show {get in touch with|contact} names. Organize {individuals|people|folks|men and women} into {several|multiple|numerous|many} groups, like “Family” or “Coworkers” to {maintain|keep} times for them separately. Tap on people’s name to call/{email|e-mail} direct from the app.
- {Folks|Individuals|People|Men and women} time converter : {choose|select|pick} a time for a {person|individual}, to show concurrent time for other members.
- Alarm : Wake up to iPod music/podcast, with {additional|extra|further} {capabilities|functions|features|attributes} like {several|multiple|numerous|many} snooze time setting! (Background alarm is supported in iOS4)
- Event : Set alerts for events in other timezones. For example, you can schedule event like “8 AM in Paris {Each and every|Every|Each|Each and every single} Monday”, or “Mom’s birthday on October 12th, {each|every and each|every|each single} year”. *Only in iOS4*
- Desktop clock : Switch to landscape view for a {lovely|stunning|gorgeous|beautiful} clock of {each|every|each and every} city in world clock. Swipe to see other cities, tap to see {four|4} day forecast.

Timezone Clock 1. is {obtainable|available|accessible|offered} for all iOS devices from {3|three}.1.{3|three} and up, and {obtainable|available|accessible|offered} at:

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