Tiny Puzzle: Unique Picture Puzzle Game for iPhone and iPad

Manteca, June 24, 2011 – MaxsDad today announced the latest version of their unique picture puzzle game called Tiny Puzzle for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. Tiny Puzzle is a puzzle game that utilizes the accelerometer in order to get the pieces into place. No touching required! It offers the serenity of a jigsaw puzzle and the challenge of a slider puzzle.

Hannah, at MyAppinions, says, “This is a fun game for family night especially due to the custom photos feature.”

Tiny Puzzle offers 24 levels of timed play; each level increasing in difficulty and decreasing in the size of puzzle pieces. Tilt the device and watch the pieces glide across the screen, dropping into place to reveal a beautiful photograph.

Brand new for version 2.01 is the Surprise Me feature. No longer are you locked down to doing each level in order, now you can play randomly selected levels and pictures by pressing the Surprise Me button! There are so many ways to change and personalize this game, it never gets old.

With Tiny Puzzle, photos can be personalized with those already on the camera roll or downloaded from other Tiny Puzzle users. The ability to share photos with other players ensures that Tiny Puzzle will always remain fresh and new for any user.

Tiny Puzzle is an app that can be enjoyed by the entire family. Children love watching the pieces flow across the screen and adults want to beat their timed results from the previous level. Parents can add pictures of their children and let them tilt the pieces into place for a big surprise and lots of giggles when they realize they know the person in the picture.

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