Tip This: An Appetizing App

Exquisitely curated and visually stunning Tip This by Maitre d’ Malone is the master-class in fine dining crowning it’s users restaurant royalty never to be unsure nor upstaged at table again.

The literary love-child of Martha Stewart and Fraser Crane; Tip This by Maitre d’ Malone is the mobile app that lives up to the name smart phone.

Learn who fired Escoffier and Ritz in 1897.n nBe advised to always order your brunch mimosa ‘de-constructed’.

Impress even the haughtiest sommelier with your newly acquired insights on buying Bordeaux wine futures en premier and the forex implications that arise.

Simple to send and a treasure to receive, Tip This is the perfect amenity for the digitally savvy client who has everything.

Tip This is the first mobile app to penetrate the $13 billion corporate giftware industry.

Coveted by high end realtors, retailers, event planners and hoteliers who agree that in this case ‘the medium is the message’. While Tip This is an informative and entertaining novelty the innovation of digitally delivering e-swag directly to clients iPhone and iPads demonstrates ingenuity and distinguishes the sender admirably from the commercial crowd vying for the attention of the affluent consumer.

A telling quote was from an enthusiastic pharmaceutical rep who said of his medical client he’ll be talking about me when he’s out dining with them”. It’s pioneering an expanded marketplace for iPhone apps as premium corporate giftware.

Described by international travel website Tooz as “an appetizing app”

Tip This - AppInfinite

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