Tippy Tower – A Challenging Tower Building Puzzle Game

Tippy Tower is a {distinctive|unique} tower {creating|building} puzzle game where players {should|must} do skycrapping to the top {utilizing|using} {various|different} shapes of bricks. The {idea|concept} is {really|actually} {simple|easy}. {Develop|Build} up a tower by placing {every|each} brick on {leading|top} of {every|each} other until reach the target height. When the Tower reaches red marker, it {indicates|means} success and continue to the next level, {whilst|while} the bonus marker will give players {additional|extra} points. The game starts with {couple of|few} {simple|easy} levels for warming up. {Beginning|Starting} from mid levels, players can {anticipate|expect} {an additional|another} {kind|type} of bricks coming up and they will {discover|find} that it won’t be that {simple|easy} to get to the {leading|top}. Players {require|need} to use creative {technique|strategy} to beat the game and succeed to be a Tippy Master.

This game is suitable for all ages {children|kids}, parents, adults, teenagers. {Thinking about|Considering} all the feedbacks we’ve had, we also {think|believe} that Tippy Tower {might|may} {assist|help} players {creating|developing} constructive and tactical thinking, be {enjoyable|fun} for playing {throughout|during} {family members|family} time and also a an {outstanding|excellent} way of killing time.

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Tippy Tower

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The App Store featured Tippy Tower as “New & Noteworthy” for a week {correct|right} {following|after} it was released. {Throughout|During} that period it was also in the {leading|top} 50 in Board games in the US and UK. {It’s|It’s} {obtainable|available} in the App Store world wide for $.99 {cost|price} only.

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