Tips & Tricks – iPhone Secrets

I think I’m a pretty hardcore iPhone user – I mean, I run several iPhone-related websites for crying out loud! – so when flipping through this ebook I wasn’t really expecting to learn anything new. I figured it would tell you how to do a screenshot, how to save battery life by shutting off 3G, yadda yadda yadda. Tips & Tricks  - iPhone Secrets does cover all of the most basic things that most of us already know, but I was pretty surprised to find several items that were genuinely new to me.

Truth is you could probably find all the info contained in this app by googling and reading your iPhone owner’s manual, but (a) you probably have better things to do with your life than spend hours to save $.99, and (b) you’ve probably lost or tossed your owner’s manual by now.

I can’t really go and list all of the “secrets” compiled by Intelligenti Publishing because that would be kind of mean… they did, after all, go to the trouble of creating this app… but I’ll tell you about a few things that I, a self-proclaimed iPhone geek, learned from this app:

  • How to force-quit a crashed app without doing a full restart (yeah, I shoulda known this one!)
  • How to make the iPhone erase all data if you lose it and the new “owner” can’t figure out your passcode (assuming you’re using the passcode feature)
  • How to zoom out of maps without pinching
  • How to use punctuation faster, ie: without tapping into the punctuation screen and then tapping out of it again

And here are some things I already knew that I believe may still be New Information to a lot of more casual users:

  • How to delete emails without opening each one or tapping “edit”
  • Faster ways to type .com/.net/.org./.edu website addresses in Safari’s address bar
  • How to preview a link URL in Safari without actually opening the link
  • How to start Safari on a blank page
  • How to save images in Safari to the camera roll
  • How to scroll through app icon screens without swiping

In all there are 38 “tips & tricks” contained in this app, and my guess would be that even the lightest iPhone user will know at least 10 or 15 of them already. Heavy users like me probably already know upwards of 30+, but if this app were converted into a quiz I think it would be pretty hard for even the biggest nerds to get a perfect score. Plus, some of the items aren’t so much secret as just common sense, like how to maximize battery life if you’re making calls vs. how to maximize battery for listening to music.

The app itself is very functional and provides a slider for jumping to specific pages, plus there’s an index for jumping to different chapters. The only problem I encountered with this app is that it froze up a few times but luckily I’d already gone over the force-quit-an-app tip.

Intelligenti definitely needs to address the crashing issue, but outside of adding more pages there’s not a ton they could do to improve iPhone Secrets. Each page is easy to understand and the necessary diagrams are there when needed, and if you’re an iPhone noob then I think this app will really come in handy. Hardcore users could probably take it or leave it, but for only a buck it may be worth looking at.

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