Torus is a simple game which revolves around catching falling tori (rings) from the sky before they hit the floor. You catch tori with a hook which is controlled by tilting your iPhone in the direction you want the hook to move. Each torus represents a different score and speed of travel. When you’re running low on health, catching a green torus heals you.

The good: Torus is an extremely simple game to figure out. You control the hook simply by tilting your device. A shadow on the platform shows where a torus will land, and therefore helps you preemptively position the hook.

On the app’s page, the developer made a point to mention Torus’ “3D sound”. I was skeptical as sound effects, especially if they’re “3D”, tend to annoy more than add to a game’s enjoyment. However, in this case the music isn’t that bad and gets better as you play the game. Headphones are recommended for a truly immersive “3D” experience.

One of the concerns I had with this game was losing too quickly. Fortunately, the developer was aware of this potential problem and has provided an ample amount of health to play a fairly lengthy round.

Finally, if you become addicted to Torus, you may want to take advantage of their high score sharing feature. According to the developer, you can compete globally using this feature.

The bad: I was immediately discouraged when I realized how insanely sensitive the controls are. There are no settings to calibrate the accelerometer, set a difficulty level, or even change the sensitivity. In fact, if you place your iPhone on a flat surface, the hook will drift backwards indicating that it’s not centered at all.

I mentioned before that there’s quite a bit of health to be spent. However, there’s no pause or ability to suspend a game to take a call or read an email.

Finally, there’s no “off” for the music. Yes, you can turn it down but it does change the volume for all 3rd-party apps (which is really Apple’s fault).

The Bottom line: Torus can be a fun and addicting game, if you can get the hang of it. The controls are extremely sensitive, although you can get used to them over time. However, I would recommend waiting on this app until the developer adds more polish to the graphics, gameplay, and features.

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