Tot Transport – Transportation Themed Educational Flash Cards For Kids

Tot Transport is a child friendly app featuring 32 vibrant, transportation themed flash cards. It will entertain your child while teaching spelling and pronunciation of the vehicle name and the sound the vehicle makes. In addition, a unique animation has been created for each vehicle flash card to teach your child how the vehicle moves.

Tot Transport was designed and tested to be easy to use for kids as young as one. A simple swipe will scroll between images and a tap will play the sound effects and animation.

Ages 1 – 6

*32 high quality images with sound effects, voice effects, word display and animation
*tapping on the image will start the vehicle animation
*parental controls in the settings for turning on or off the animations, sound effects, voice effects and word display
*settings to choose to display the caption text as capitals, lowercase or no text
*for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch

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