TrackRider × – World’s first live music video game for iPhone

TrackRider is the world’s first music rhythm game entirely based on live music videos! Stir the heat up with the artists with your fingertips!

The first edition of TrackRider includes 6 hottest music videos from Performed by 6 indie bands from Hong Kong and Taiwan. The genres are distinct and the album is a breath of fresh air.

Playing TrackRider is easy. Choose a music video from the jukebox to start the game. The music notes will rise in the 5 tracks. When the note reaches the top of the screen, touch anywhere on the track to score. For the vertical and tilt bar, hold the thumb and slide across several tracks. For the long and horizontal bar, shake the iPhone to gain extra bonus! Your performance is linked to the video signal. If your performance goes down, the video will be jammed by noise! If the signal drops below zero, the video will terminate! Listen carefully while you’re playing!

Key Features

- Full screen music video playback. Landscape mode
- Full screen multi-touch detection. Supports accelerometer
- 6 music videos from different genres. Full HD production
- 3 default difficulties for each music video. Combined with game, mirror, and shuffle mode, the whole game can output 2160 combinations in total
- Supports multi-tasking in iOS4

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