Traffic Light Changer – Turn Red Lights to Green

With Traffic Light Changer (FREE), you can use your iPhone or iPod Touch to turn red lights to green when stopped at a traffic light.

The controversial application, recently approved by Apple on April 14th, 2010, transmits a signal that triggers a preemptive sensor on a traffic light that causes it to change from red to green. Sometimes called a MIRT (short for Mobile Infrared Transmitter), it is normally used by those who operate emergency or police vehicles only.

To operate, simply open the application, point it towards the box that usually rests on top of the traffic lights at an intersection, and press Transmit Signal. After a few seconds, if done correctly, the light will turn from red to green, and you will be able to proceed with your vehicle.

Traffic Signal Changer for iPhone

Note: Please understand that this app is not real and is simply intended by the developers, LOLer Apps, to be a fun application that you can use to fool your friends or family. If timed correctly, you can really make people think you have a real MIRT application on your iPhone.

Traffic Light Changer on iTunes

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