101 World Tour: Travel Phrases in 12 Languages

Longing for a trip? Meeting new foreign friends or finding an overseas job?

101 World Tour is an app with 101 most common used travel phrases in 12 languages to help you fit in another culture easily with some new phrases. New York Times said, “A few phrases in another language can go a long way”. The app can detect your location and you may easily choose the country you are traveling, it has 10 scenario and 101 conversations, all dubbed by native speakers, start a conversation and start a new relation with foreigner!!! Don’t use your text to speech translator, talking like a robot will not make you popular. No more feeling like an alien while traveling. Belt it up with your trip!!!

► 101 most useful sentances for traveler.
► Ten most common scenario included:
1. Get ready to fly
2. On the plane
3. Asking Direction
4. Transportation
5. Hotel
6. Restaurant
7. Shopping
8. Sighseeing
9. Bank / Post office
10. Making a call
► Listen to all sentances in 12 Languages. All in human voices!
º Chinese (Simplified & Traditional)
º English
º Filipino
º French
º German
º Italian
º Japanese
º Korean
º Malay
º Russian
º Spanish
º Thai
► Language/Country “Dialect” Pairing
► Quick Source/Target Language Swap
► No Internet connection required. Use the application wherever you are with no additional data charges.

Q.L.L. is a company specialized in digital language learning contents and mobile applications. We develop “Talking-app” in different language learning for all ages on mobile devices; our goal is to fit learning into your lifestyle.

101 World Tour - QLL company

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