Trexta Offers Great Looking Cases for iPhone: Review

iPhoneAppReview recently went to the MacWorld Conference in San Francisco.  There were a lot of great products for the iPhone but one of our favorites was the iPhone cases provided by a company called Trexta

Trexta Case for iPhone

Click the images above to see some of the great cases that Trexta has to offer on
I purchased a case from Trexta at the show and it has become my go to case for the iPhone.  I get lots of free cases sent to me, but the Trexta case has found a home on my iPhone.  It’s combination of good looks and adequate protection have won me over.
I purchased one of the Trexta “Racing Series” cases and it has been great.  The case is a snap on case that is covered with leather that is injection molded to the plastic.  This provides a case that will not peel and still offers the protection of a hard shell case.  The inside has a scratch free surface that further protects the inside of your iPhone.
If you are in the market for a great looking case that provides a sensible amount of protection for your iPhone then I can highly recommend the cases provided by Trexta.  I purchased a case by Trexta and I think you will be happy with their cases too.

Trexta Case for iPhone

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