Tryangulate: Triangular puzzle fun

For anyone who loves a challenging puzzle, Rovinware has a brand new solution – TryAngulate, a new iPhone app where players arrange triangular pieces on a game board to match the colored edges.

The more you play TryAngulate, the more delightfully complex the puzzles get! There are 40 mind-bending puzzles in all, keeping the game fresh and interesting.

Amazingly, TryAngulate started as a board game over 10 years ago. The inventor, John Quigley, wanted to find a better way for people to enjoy the game… so the app was born.

To keep you guessing, the puzzles get more challenging as you play. Successfully solve at least 16 out of the 20 puzzles in Level 1 and you’ll unlock Level 2, full of 20 additional puzzles for you to try.

To help you solve the puzzle, you are given up to 3 hints per puzzle (40 hints per level). Use them wisely!

Features of the TryAngulate! game include:
* Challenging game play – Arrange the triangular pieces on the board so each of the colored edges match
* 40 unique puzzles – There’s always a fresh challenge with lots of puzzles to sink your teeth into
* 2 levels of play – Solve the puzzles in Level 1 to discover the more advanced Level 2
* Helpful hints – If you get stuck, ask for a hint… you can use up to 3 hints per puzzle

Try an exciting puzzle game that will keep you guessing. Get TryAngulate! now.

Developer Company: Rovinware
Developer Website:

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