Tunes Parade: Turn the iTunes Store’s top charts into a shining radio station!

Bored of the usual songs in your iPod? Do you want listening to something new or unusual? Need a fresh idea for your next compilation or video soundtrack? Maybe you just aim for a good time listening top music from world wide. Tunes Parade turns the iTunes Store into a shining radio station! You’ll listen to many high quality previews from a multitude of Top Charts.

Select a country, your preferred genre – maybe you would refine your choice with a particular sub-genre – and listen to the 30 seconds high quality previews mixed in the way a real radio station would do.

You can also look at the album information, cover, prices from the iTunes store of your country, make requests for the other tracks in the album, tap then to move directly to the iTunes app and get that amazing song that you’ve discovered.

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