TurnMeON. Easy-to-use flash light.

TurnMeON front

Transform your IPhone into a flashlight! It can be useful on unforseen occasions, grants light and visibility in all situations, in a camping, in the cellar, during blackouts, while reading a book in the night…

Cool graphic design: TurnMeON is the first application that realistically simulates the form factor of a Nineties torch! The large buttons make use very easy and friendly. The familiar design gives the impression of handling a real torch.

SOS: The SOS (Save Our Soul) function transmits an emergency message in Morse alphabet. In case you are in a difficult situation you may rely on this universally known emergency signalling, which was developed by Samuel Morse in 1838.
Configurable: There is also the possibility to activate TurnMeON directly with the light on, as well as the chance to choose between white light and RGB colors. In addition sounds can also be activated. FREE! Which is always good.


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