TwitStarKid: Family-Safe Version of TwitStar (Twitter App) Especially For Your Kids

TwitStarKid is the family-safe version of cool twitter app ‘TwitStar’, especially for your lovely kids.

Your kids are very easy to be exposed to the harmful images and links on the twitter world, so it is hard to let them use twitter freely.

For every parents in the world who worries about these, TwitStarKid is the best solution ever.

It hides every user profile images and always shows alternate pretty images, and also blocks any attempts to connect to the outer sites via urls.

So It protect your lovely kids from harmful contents and help them enjoy twitter service safely.

Default Features :

* Multiple Account Support
* List Management
* Auto Refresh by Scroll (Pull To Refresh)
* Various Color Theme Settings (More than 5 Color Themes are Available!)
* New Post Starting Point Marker
* Security Enhancement with XAuth

TwitStar Link :

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