UFC App for iPhone: Wrestling Online is your source for all things wrestling and UFC on the go

This app is very simple and cleverly laid out, you have a separate section for each product WWE, TNA, MMA, and a Video section, etc. These are all easily accessed from the simple menu button at the bottom of the page. You have a number next to each of those for the unread stories, which is very clever but basically shows they couldn’t get push working properly. (When we contacted the website they said push will be out soon !!!)

Reading stories is very easily done, and each story is customized for your iPhone/iPod touch/IPad screen.

How up to date?
The app when compared to the pw torch app, is extremely slow at getting news up. Although it is normally on the same day it’s not for another few hours till the story has been released, and by then you could have read on the pw torch app which is free!!
It also lacks any of the writers thoughts or opinions.

This app has great potential to be amazing, it’s just to slow and behind the rest of the world, however the video support really saves this app, but still doesn’t give it enough, if you want quick on the go access to stories this is for you. But we recommend you get the free Pw Torch app.

Price: 59p

•First wrestling news app to support in app video
•Offline reading
•Unread stories feature

This app gets a *** out of 5

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