UhHuhh: What’s That On TV?

Intenuum, Inc. Launches UhHuhh™, A New iPhone™ App For Smart TV
UhHuhh™ Lets TV Viewers Interact With Advertisers In A Revolutionary Way Using Their Mobile Devices.

Sunnyvale, CA – (Business Wire) Intenuum Inc., a leading software application developer for TV companion devices in Silicon Valley today announced the launch of their latest product for TV and advertising interactivity, named UhHuhh™. UhHuhh™ makes it possible for TV viewers to capture a picture of their TV screen as they watch a TV program on their smart phone or tablet. Once it identifies the content, UhHuhh™ will offer the viewer a chance to receive prizes and discount coupon rewards from advertisers.

Using UhHuhh™ allows TV viewers to become active participants with their favorite shows. Viewers can answer trivia questions, identify brand names or product placements on the show. They have the option of posting captured images so other viewers of the same program can compete with them or against them in the challenges. Viewers who successfully compete in these challenges can shake their mobile devices to discover prizes, coupons or other rewards given after the challenge. Currently, UhHuhh™ is promoting challenges that are supported by Pineapple Electronics™, multichannel retailer ShopNBC™ and Wes Ramsey from NBC™’s new TV series, The Playboy Club.

Advertisers who take advantage of the UhHuhh™ app can open a door to reaching TV viewers using mobile devices. UhHuhh™ promotes viewer engagement with TV commercials and extends viewing time beyond the traditional 15 or 30 second window. It rewards viewers who care about a particular brand or product. Advertisers can use UhHuhh™ as a tool to immediately determine the effectiveness of marketing campaigns for any brand. UhHuhh™ identifies consumer behaviors and fosters viewer participation. TV Ad is only as effective as the response it produces. UhHuhh™ is an affordable method of encouraging and gauging your true audience response.

Consumers will enjoy the chance to interact in real-time with brands and products they care about. If they are watching a sporting event or another live TV broadcast, they can discuss and share what they watch with other viewers and be rewarded for their TV participation.
About Intenuum
UhHuhh™ is the latest innovative product from Intenuum Inc., based in Sunnyvale, California. Since founded in 2009, Intenuum has been dedicated to bringing together social media and TV to create a truly interactive experience on all levels. Intenuum continues to bring forth Web 3.0 products and services designed for variety of media platforms – all with the specific objective of turning TV viewers from passive participants into active participants.
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UhHuhh - What's That On TV ? - Intenuum, Inc.

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