Undocumented iPhone OS 2.2 Features

The number of undocumented new features in iPhone OS 2.2 is small relative to some other releases, which were accompanied by skimpy release notes. Among the few niceties discovered so far:

Mail rendering improvements Several users have reported enhanced readability of HTML messages in under the new release. One iPhone Atlas reader writes:

“In the past, many html-formatted messages would have the unpleasant tendency to appear in my iPhone with fonts much too small to be viewable on the iPhone’s screen, requiring irritating horizontal swipes. Since the 2.2 upgrade, however, I’ve noticed that Mail – after briefly showing the original message for a fraction of a second – automatically changes the font size and formatting of those messages, and makes them completely readable. I noticed this in the daily Tech Bulletins I get from, for example, among other sites. A very welcome improvement indeed. Kudos, Apple!”

Emebdded YouTube Playability indicator The ability to see graphic indicators of embedded YouTube content in Safari on the iPhone has existed for several OS iterations. These graphics can be clicked, launching the YouTube application. which may or may not playback the video, dependent on whether or not the video has been encoded for the iPhone.

Under OS 2.2, however, the graphic indicates whether or not the YouTube video is playable.

One iPhone Atlas reader writes:

“On web pages that have embedded YouTube videos, the frame now tells you in advance whether the movie is playable on the iPhone’s YouTube app. If it isn’t playable, you’ll see only a gray frame with a play button and a slash through it. If it is, you see the movie and a play button, as normal.

“Unfortunately, the same can’t be said when trying to stream video podcasts. When you try this with an incompatible podcast (like ABC’s Barack Obama videos), you have to connect and start downloading before a message comes up and tells you you can’t play it.”

Slide-deletion for podcasts In addition to podcasts now being available for download in the iTunes application (over Wi-Fi and cellular networks), iPhone OS 2.2 adds the ability to swipe-delete podcasts.

One iPhone Atlas reader writes:

“After updating to FW 2.2 I can now delete audio podcasts by sliding your finger across it and press delete. I believe this was restricted to video podcasts before 2.2, but not 100% sure.”

If you’ve discovered any other undocumented iPhone OS 2.2 features, please let us know.

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