Unexpected fun and exciting iPhone puzzle game “Aura Ball”

Unpredicted, exciting, and fun iPhone puzzle game “Aura Ball”

When it involves puzzle games, many people would immediately think about the classical puzzle game “Bejeweled”. It’s produced an excellent hit of puzzle games and also the market has submerged with a number of similar games. However, individuals are becoming bored with monotonous game play.

Being an innovative and ambitious game studio, we are designed for getting players unpredicted game experience. We has spent a couple of several weeks to build up an entirely new puzzle game, “Aura Ball”. It had been on Apple Store and Android Market early June, 2011. It’s a hybrid between arcade photographers and jewel based puzzlers full of stunning pictures. Gamers will feel a powerful a feeling of excitement when miracle balls are falling rapidly because the progress with the levels.

Additionally, lots of new elements for example explosive device, frozen balls, fireballs, tidal waves and ice dust are put into create variation and increase impossibility of the game. As gamers visit a greater level, they’ll go through the mysterious miracle world within the game and become surprised using the unpredicted miracle energy, obstacles and awesome graphical effect.

You will find 3 separate Game play modes, namely objective mode, Endless Survival and Timed Survival. The survival modes will twitch reflex adrenaline. While for that objective mode, it’s not merely a challenge of the hands movement, but additionally an evaluation of the intelligence.

Aura ball would surely be an iPhone game people should not miss. You’d fall deeply in love with it when you start. It’s available available worldwide in a cost of USD 1.99.

Full Game Features:
a)3 Seperate Game play Modes (Objective Mode, Endless Survival and Timed Survival)
b)72 Unique Levels %u2013 Levels vary from mind bending puzzles to twitch reflex adrenaline periods
c)3 Difficulty Levels
d)7 Dazzling Spells and Energy Ups %u2013 Gain these while you obtain experience and gain levels
e)Local Leaderboards %u2013 Easily track how your score even compares to your buddies

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