Unlock your imagination and create your own unique home screen with shadows and pictures you were dreamin’ of!

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“Possibilities only limited by your imagination!” (chameleonfriends)

Chameleonfriends is thrilled to announce the release of our first app for customizing the background with shadows and your own pictures with endless possibilities!

Like me, were you looking for an App for hours, which lets you create your unique background with shadows, shelves, colours etc??

You want to astonish your friends with endless possibilities, varieties of your home and lock-screen??

You want to use the quality of the amazing Retina-Display?

Then you’ve found the right App!!!

Enhance your wallpapers with effects, shadows etc. never seen before!

Enjoy our little video-review about the main functions and the simple usage of the App, which will speak for the App itself! ;)

Detailed HD video presentation of the app: here

This app is perfect for everyone who often struggle customising your lock screen and background for your own, getting as unique screens as never before!


  • Just pick an image from your photo library or use one of the 29 textures or simply use the amazing “Colorize” option which lets you select any colors just by tapping the screen, to create a simple wallpaper!
  • Next, chose from the 57 shadows, glow effects, shelves or gradients from the “Shadow” option!
  • As last step, save your pic to your photos and setup the saved wallpaper as your home screen!

And some pictures for the lazy ones! ;)  here

Features of the latest version of ICON SHADOW:

- 29 patterns plus Colorize to create a simple color wallpaper

– 57 shadow styles: new shadows, gradients and statusbar shadows
- Allow to make a new home screen background with combine of icon frames, gradients, shelves
- New! LOCK SCREEN customization
- Shake function to reset
- HELP MENU with video tutorial

- Support from us (as soon as you have any questions)

Visit our main website for our latest releases of new apps!

App Store Link for Icon Shadow!

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Icon Shadow is now available for your iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 3rd gen. 32Gb and 64Gb, iPod Touch 4th gen. and also for iPhone 4 for purchase through the Apple® iTunes App Store.

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